The popularity of kayaks has grown almost exponentially over the past decade and there are a number of reasons for this growth.


It doesn’t matter what activity you enjoy--cruising near the coast, playing in the surf, or spending time with friends and family—kayaking is FUN.  You are the captain of the ship, you set the itinerary, and fun is limited only by your imagination and spirit. 


First time paddlers can get into a kayak and in less than a hour reach a level of competence that leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  Kayaks are great for the whole family and very accessible for all ages and abilities.  


Kayaking allows you to take time out our busy life and appreciate our surroundings.  In a kayak, you have complete access to the water world.  Their quiet nature does not intrude on the wild life and their mobility gives you access to shallow or tight spots you may want to explore.  Also, kayaks are great for getting you to your favorite snorkeling spot and carrying your gear. 


The great thing about kayaks is they may be launched just about anywhere. Typically 6” of water is all that is needed to float a kayak even when loaded with three to four hundred pounds of cargo Kayak technology is advancing rapidly and kayaks are now lighter and easier to carry, handle, maneuver and transport.  They also come with many user-friendly features such as onboard storage, tie down straps and accessories to make your paddling experience more enjoyable. 


Kayaks are not for the lazy.  Paddling does require muscle power and will give you a nice workout.  It is a good low impact activity that can improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility.  You can expect Increased muscle strength, particularly in the back, arms, shoulders and chest from paddling. Plus, being outside in the sun boosts our mood, improves sleep, and promotes vitamin D production. 

The double kayak designed to accommodate 2 riders and may also be paddled solo due to its unique center seat.  Comfortable and dry, this kayak is the perfect day-tripping boat for family fun.  

  • Length 12’2” 
  • Width 34”
  • Weight 64 lb
  • 485 lb Weight Capacity
  • Includes up to Three Lifejackets and Two Paddles