Snorkel Rentals 

sets are just what you’ll need to have an incredible snorkel experience.  Each Snorkeling setup includes a high quality silicone mask, snorkel, fitted fins, and a carryall bag to make it a bit easier to carry around.  We offer adult and child sizes with fin sizing ranging from junior 11-13 to adult 13-14. 

On site Snorkeling Tour at the Lofthus:


Our guided snorkeling tour will take guests through ocean reef snorkeling and a snorkeling trip to the Lofthus Shipwreck.

Our guide will point out tropical fish, coral formations, turtles, sting rays as well as the history of the shipwreck.

  • Includes:  Snorkeling equipment and guide.
  • Capacity: Maximum 8 per tour (2 people minimum)
  • Duration: 30 - 45 minute tour


Snorkeling at The Lofthus - (Florida's eighth underwater archeological preserve) :  

The site is of historical significance as it is a wreck of vessels that was among the last of the wind driven ships of commerce.


The wreck of Lofthus is located in 15-20 feet of water, approximately 3/4 of a mile north of Boynton Inlet and 175 yards off-shore Manalapan.  Lofthus was built in England in 1868 during the heyday of metal-hulled sailing ships. Originally christened Cashmere, the 222-feet-long barque was used in the Far East trade and had false gun ports to discourage pirates. 

Many species of tropical and game fish now inhabit the twisted wreckage and spiny lobsters hide under deck plates. Anemones and sponges can be found inside sections of the iron masts, and sergeant-majors fiercely guard their homes among hull frames.  


The Lofthus shipwreck is one of the few remaining examples of iron-hulled sailing vessels that plied the waters of Florida, and the world, in the late 19th century.

Three main sections of wreckage protrude above the sandy bottom; the vessel’s bow is to the northeast. Sand movement around the wreck is remarkable and varies with currents, waves, and storm action. Pieces of the barque including masts, machinery, and deck beams lie at odd angles among sections of inverted decking.